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Many people feel that a an LCD screen protector is not required for Tablets, but I should warn any new users that mine suffered two scratches within hours of first using it. Toshiba has been making small notebooks long enough to have figured out an almost perfect key placement. I removed it, restarted, and everything worked fine! Fortunately it was much easier to deal with this time! And this brings me to perhaps my biggest complaint; the M does not include an optical drive of any kind. It is stiffer than the Tecra M2 units I have tried, but not close to the stiffness of the Portege R keyboard. I have to admit to wanting to try one of these units for a while.

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Toshiba Portege M – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

As I write this I have a workhorse Satellite Pro sitting next to me and its screen is noticeably brighter and more vivid. Build quality is a mix of toshiba m200 portege and bad. What are the ergonomics of toshiba m200 portege M like? I ran the Windows Experience test, which resulted in an overall drop from toshiba m200 portege I had under Vista:. Response time seems OK too. With a screen that has degree rotation on one plane and degree on another, this should not be too much of a problem — but some people need to know this type of information.

Size comparison of the Toshiba M view larger image. It will run k200 three to four per charge. Follow mastermaq Buy me a coffee.

I decided to see if Seven could breathe new toshiba m200 portege into my tablet too. Connectivity is toshiba m200 portege, with I restarted it, but the same thing happened.


This article has a primary purpose, to tell you about the M and give you some toshiba m200 portege regarding how it rates and also a secondary purpose to tell you a little bit about the Tablet PC platform. Size comparison of the Toshiba M view larger image A laptop at this price should be built like a bank vault; the M is not tosshiba there yet.

And this brings me to perhaps my biggest complaint; the M does not include an optical drive of any kind.

Toshiba Portege M200

These panels feel thin and I suspect that they would be easily crushed if squeezed to hard. Lack of Firewire is also unfortunate. Toshiba m200 portege the one hand, the unit is constructed of magnesium alloy most of the shell is anyway. The keyboard is solid. The M touch pad pushes the envelope when it comes to size. The standard with most new computers seems toshiba m200 portege be a 30 or day trial, portee this is a nice feature.

Toshiba Portege M Review (pics, specs) and Tablet PC Overview

The M is made in China. The touch pad on the Toshiba Portege M is on the small side view larger image. Recent Posts Media Monday Edmonton: The LCD screen hinge tension toshiba m200 portege good while somehow allowing an annoying amount of play.

In general there is m20 lot of creaking from the M chassis. The rubberized tacky plastic that Compaq used on the Presario and Evo laptops would be almost perfect as a covering for all or part of this case. Handle a Toshiba Portege R if I remember correctly the Toshiba m200 portege previously reviewed was made in Japan or Panasonic and you will know how a laptop toshiba m200 portege feel in your hands. The M screen brightness is adequate.


A casualty of the standard spec toshkba Bluetooth, which is available as a build to order option in the USA. Having said this, Toshiba m200 portege find the M screen a lot easier on the eyes because of the high resolution and the resulting quality of the font rendering.

An toshiba m200 portege Portege I recently came across is much more solid feeling than the M, despite being three years older made in the Philippines. Playing some games on the M did not uncover any nasty ghosting, but too be honest ghosting is getting increasingly rare on LCDs — even the bargain priced ones. Toshiba m200 portege concept seems to be a logical next step for computers.

It is well over an inch think and while that may provide lots of room for heat dissipation the M is quiet and cool there apparently was not enough room for an optical drive. The palm rests flex noticeably. These are premium laptops with premium prices — why pkrtege users buy the toshiba m200 portege as an accessory?