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I am in love. AO 10 years ago. Shots were averaging , so a noticeable 10 yard improvement and the accuracy was good. Taylor Made fan 9 years ago. The Burner with the Matrix shaft is 20 yards longer than either the Burner with the standard shaft or the R9 with standard shaft the difference for me and my swing 13 handicap is on a miss hit the R9 is shorter but in the fairway not the same with the Burner standard shaft even miss hits are long but that is not always a good thing even short the R9 is in the fairway. AB 10 years ago.

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The former college golfer, now 34, has taylormade r9 review ability to consistently contact drives in the center of the club face. The gimmick seems to be working. George also loved the look and feel of the F9 and rated it as one of his favourites on test. I just bought taylormade r9 review new R9… I have to say it IS amazing!!

The inner thread got worn out. I liked the fact I could tweak it if needed. That led to a significant improvement in distance. I went ahead and purchased, will try it out tomorrow on the range and play 9 on Wednesday. TaylorMade call this the next generation of adjustability.

Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Actually theses drivers are the only ones flying off the shelves in many stores.


If the distance is more or less the same as other drivers, what makes this on so special or so popular? At first the neutral stance I was spraying left and taylormade r9 review, switched to draw and hit everything up the middle.

TaylorMade R9 460 Drivers

Moving the weights and the face angle showed that the taylormade r9 review angle had the most obvious effect on trajectory and that the e9 altered flight a lot less smaller. Pricey yes, but for this level of performance you might decide it is more than worth it.

Fred 10 years ago. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. taylormade r9 review

The Big Review – TaylorMade R9 Driver

This was most noticeable when hitting into the wind when it was remarkably unaffected by strong gusts. The driver hit nice…the iron hoopla is a pretty much hogwash to us here. Bag Chatter taylormade r9 review to look at the R9 to see how it compares against these past classics and how well it fares against the competition who have not been standing still. At first, it looked as though George might post a ridiculous distance gain with a TaylorMade M1 Actually, it taylormade r9 review a bit too much draw bias for him, which is why the loft setting was lowered 1-click to 9 degrees.

TaylorMade R9 Driver Review – Golfalot

The grind also helps the club travel through impact and the R9s were very impressive from lush and bare lies with the right amount of bounce. Taylormade r9 review also want to address the weaknesses of the G drivers.


The headcover is top quality and both comes off and goes on without any hassle — a far cry from some cc driver taylormade r9 review. Your email address You must enter a valid tahlormade address. I was consistently 20 yards longer with the Taylormade r9 review and a heck of a lot straighter no matter how i tried to compensate with the weights on the R Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. David loved this club across the board, eeview enjoying the fantastic fee and penetrating ball flight that this popular driver produced.

But while in a store I was swinging a stiff and thought, hey this is really stiff. The feel is fantastic, they come off the face with ease.

The Big Review – TaylorMade R9 Driver – GolfWRX

TaylorMade drivers are found in the bags of taylormade r9 review Tour professionals than any other manufacturer. For that reason, he switched George from the 8. Adjust the taykormade angle from 56 deg. Your name You must enter your name. Bob 10 years ago.