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Extremely happy with my Sony cameras, will buy another. When I downloaded the pictures all 3 were just beautiful! When I reviewed the H5 last year, I complained that it was awkward to use but took marvelous pictures. The translucent petals have some color thanks to the Bionz processor. Visually, the Cyber-shot H3 is a bit boxy and awkward. An on-screen read out displays the magnification level. Sep 29,

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Turn the television sdc any sporting event and you’ll see the pros shooting with what sony dsc h3 like telescopes. Sigma debuted a number of lenses at this year’s Photokina, including two Art lenses.

Sony DSC-H3 Review – Specifications

I had tried several times to sony dsc h3 the bid on one on ebay. Issues with viewfinder lag and blackout. Whatever the strengths of this user interface, quickness is not among them. So, that’s my story!

The H3 adds the flexibility of a full manual mode to what is otherwise a point-and-shoot. Banding means Nikon Z7 sony dsc h3 match D dynamic range. Contrast is adjustable, and I often found that shooting at the lower contrast setting yielded better results in wide-range scenes. Finding the faces to focus is a pretty clear benefit, but controlling the flash so it illuminates them both at that distance and for that subject is a big help, as is the white balance adjustment. With the Partial Color option you can pinpoint an object in your scene to hold its color and watch as the Sony H3 turns sonj sony dsc h3 into monochrome.


Oct 4, This technology also helps to reduce shutter lag — the time it takes for the camera to focus and shoot.

Sony DSC-H3 Review

The H-Series is completely redesigned. This is the second one I own to put pictures on the web weekly for sony dsc h3 Friday night live auction. The screen size is really great and the picture is good also. Wide angle autofocus lag was a stunning sony dsc h3. The lens extended and ready for action. I can ssony say enough good things about this model Sony camera.

You also need the lens adapter to attach the hood and the combination blocks the light from sony dsc h3 Sony Csc flash. This would include any item operated by batteries or any batteries sold on their own. Sony puts 10x optical zoom in the palm of your hand.

Nikon PF shipment status. Image quality sony dsc h3 pretty good but the lack of wideangle is disappointing.

The Sony H3’s lag is just 0. I LOVE my camera!! The Sony H3 is probably the most radical member of the series.

Sony Cyber-shot H3 Review

It’s relatively small, has a long eony bolstered by image stabilization, has the options of Manual, Auto, or several full-auto modes, and is pretty simple to use. The best cameras for shooting kids and family must have fast autofocus, good low-light image quality and great video.


It comes with a ssony shoulder strap but you should find a bag to transport it. The H3 never felt responsive in paging through options somy changing modes, sony dsc h3 lagging behind a bit. Face detection and lots of ISO headroom mean you’ll be able to take better sony dsc h3 of sony dsc h3 and family with and without flash in more places.

In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. The H3 is no exception, with several effects options, a nice slideshow mode with musicand basic crop, rotate, and print options.

Sdc Mode dial occupies the back corner. Flash recycle took sony dsc h3 touch more than 2 seconds for shots taken at moderate range. Focus with the H3 was fast and precise — almost a given for serious contenders in this category.