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In my experience, I’ve now waited almost a whole week, pinging them every day, and absolutely not a single peep from the rep, or any indication that she has read the thread even though it says she is “active in the last 15 minutes”. The platform is great and the team that helps get you live is really knowledgeable. Cons The worst customer service. For a week now. Number of total downloads of a given app, including both Google Play and iOS downloads where applicable. There is NO direct customer service.

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Then I went through their website and attempted to port my previous number to the new service. Designates which store s a given app is offered on. Nettqlk terrible customer support, failing hardware, expensive when compared to others. Cannot rely on this as being your primary phone service.

Number of Lead Investors. A leading ultra-low cost provider of home phone and smartphone communications. There are other options out there better and at about the same cost if not cheaper. nttalk

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There is NO direct customer service. Pros Price, I guess? Hardware Companies that Exited. Total number of lead investment firms and individual investors. This Month in Telecom is a monthly news round-up on VoipReview.


No computer needed, no contracts, and no monthly bills. Data is based on previous month estimates.

This is ripe for a class action suite except you can bet NetTalk will not have the money to pay out when they lose.

I would strongly recommend NOT to deal with this company ever, they have the worst possible customer service, if you are lucky enough to find someone to talk to, they charged my credit card without my authorization, I had all kinds of problems with the devise, problem with call forwarding and so on. Most Recent Blog Posts. This Month in Telecom: Oh and that minute limit.

Number of Past Team Members. Total funding amount raised across all Funding Rounds. Another annoying issue is that it cuts off calls after 10 or 15 minutes which is aggravating if you are on hold in a queue.

The only bad thing I have to say is the Customer Service thru the chat is a very long process, but like with you Doctor, you are lucky to receive a response or a call back within a Month I renewed my service, used minutes and got cut off for over using my unlimited service.

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Name of the funding round nettallk the Investment is made. I purchased the nettalk duo my local Walmart in Arkansas on clearance back in Juneit came with 3 free months I was sick of noisy and dropped netgalk. Cons Hard to get customer service via chat. Their pricing is another major Rip-Off, as they pick certain phone numbers as “Heavy Service” are ndttalk, so they charge you double for calls to those numbers thereby depleting your “allowance”.


Pros Cheap as long as your not going to actually make any calls each month. Descriptive keyword for an Organization e. Greater Miami Area Software Companies. Neither the default number nor the port appeared to work, and only half of any outbound calls actually went through.

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In fact no customer service. Total number of organizations associated with this hub.

I didn’t renew and within a couple of minutes of expiration I received an email from a friend that NetTalk had forwarded my number to a XXX sex line. Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith.