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This means you likely have a problem with the controller chip on the device, or a physical problem. I also am having the same problem Hi there, I am trying to put a name in but its saying invalid name – I have tried multiple names but not accepting any of them – Do you have any ideas please? Save yourself from unnecessary stress by learning numerous ways of repairing your small data storage equipment. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.

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Rufus Damaged my USB. Windows can not detect USB – Super User

Hey Your solution just worked for me. Hello Frede, while these solutions are not specific for the device with issues in Windows 10, I think they can still help solve your problem.

Most people consider buying new flash devices. We will be glad to help you out with your recovery to ensure you get your data back in one piece. If you are just starting to use memory sticks, expect to see these myflaeh popping up in the right bottom corner of your computer screen.

Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive | Microsoft Docs

Please fill out a quote request or call in ! Try installing the latest tool to see if the USB stick can work. If its located in the stem, can i use a different connector from the same brand and model? You can also type in “dev man” in the search box of the Start menu. Once the USB Flash drive or thumb myfflash however you want to call it, is put into the computer and you click on it you are told to insert media as though the drive is a cd drive.


Without the lost of my programs? Report Respond to tejasphil. Click Start button and wait until finished. It shows all my backup games fine in my NintendoDS but when I pop the micro card into my USB slot, my computer does not recognize, it says “please insert a disk into myflsh disk” – I do not want to wipe my card clean – I will look for better solution. This will be the easy method for people who are not at all experts in command line.

Please fill out a quote request form and send pictures as well https: It is pretty small and you can always attach uxb to your key holder and carry it around in your pocket without causing uncomfortable situations. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites.

How to Repair USB Flash Drives Broken, Unrecognized, Not Detected

I think something is wrong with it. Then I decided to call the company and after that they repaired all that stuff. Are the following true for you: Purchase a powered USB hub. Please call in so a consultant can help you determine what level recovery is needed.


I recommend that you find a way to recover the content, and buy another USB.

I couldn’t open it. Hurikocara – Nov 28, at Seems like it has a damaged controller chip that will require a NAND recovery.

Ok, then try this with the one you suspected not to work at all with “recovery wizard”. This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. What do you see in Disk Management?

Fouko – Feb 12, at Report Respond to Hellow. Last 2 mins of youtube.

Confirm the damage with the help of a magnifying glass or just naked eye. Some conditions that can make your gadget dead include: If you have been using USB flash drives, you might be familiar with some of these error messages.