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Need Help mutoh vj AS joey bean , Nov 23, , in forum: I love the way it rolls out its own vinyl. You will need higher Force, for laminated media or 6 mil media than for 2 mil media. We also had an issue with it reading reg marks when there is bright sunlight outside!!!! Jack Raven Dec 5, To cut any object in CorelDraw, simply place on the page in the bottom left corner.

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Nov 26, 6 msenjur Member 0 16 May 21, Slovenia really? It ulfima a couple quarks everything doesbut nothing to worry about. Our machine seems to eat cutting mats although we are just cutting normal vinyl and certainly not cutting to deep also we don’t use the cut off feature as that really destroys the mat.

I couldn’t live with the racket a camm-1 makes! Now, when it is getting old, it sometimes got crazy, if we cut something with a lots of info! Kona Cutters, Mutoh Cutters. Jack Raven Dec 5, I have found that on the mutoh plotter it is very fusy about the offset and you have to do a test cut to check that it is set right.


Mutoh Ultima SC-1400D cutter?

Click on the word Document on the left hand side and ensure all of the options are ticked and click on the OK button. Need Help mutoh vj AS joey beanNov 23,in forum: In small letters the offset is critical. It cuts contour cutting pretty ok! Nov 26, 5. Ultjma have some detailed info.

This should work fairly well for color vinyl, you might want to slow it down a bit for small lettering, I believe your high force may be causing some of your issues. Mutoh Ultima SCD cutter? Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals.

Set Width to mm inches and Height to mm 48 inches. New Mexico Cougar Hunting License.

Nov 30, 7. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Easy to install and operate. This is the title of your second post. Im having constant problem with cuttin normal vinly. We also had an issue with it reading reg marks when there jltima bright sunlight outside!!!! I have heard Summa put these together for Mutoh. If your settings have been zc you must match them to your cutters settings. For more information click here.


SignTools 4 Setup Instructions for a Mutoh SCD Plotter

Mutoh cutters are renowned for being carefully crafted to rigorous standards for years of profitable use. The adjustable vinyl clamps are way over sensitive and can be a complete nuisance to set up. If the serial cable you are using wasn’t supplied with the cutter, it is more than likely that it is not a RSC cable. I know that vinyl has its own setting The accuracy is very nice, and it’s very simple to use. Aero Signs Oct 30, Discussion in ‘ Mutoh ‘ started by FatCatNov 23, I think you’d love it!