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When a drive failed me on my PC , i bought a new one pulled old one out and slapped the new one it was a very simple and relatively cheap process compared to getting My iMac fixed. When the optical drive quit, three months after the one-year warranty was up, I called Apple Support and was told that I needed to replace the drive. The macsales guy mislead me, saying the Panasonic drive was more reliable. Searching I discovered that this means a problem with: Take special care to avoid interruptions. Now, its not a ‘good’ solution, but its handy when you are short of time

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When the optical drive quit, three months after the one-year warranty was up, I called Apple Support and was told that I needed to replace the drive.

MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857E Firmware ZF1E download

Reader jonrichardson immediately posted a comment that a CD he? Apple does not make it clear what other models of optical drive, if any, require the update. Or it might be a single problem with a variety of triggers, leading to variable symptoms and start dates. Doctor X Registered Mar 16, I live in a rural area, far away from Apple repair service.

Some are unable to mount any disc of any kind. Firmware upgrades, however, are a tricky business. I’ve decided the iMac doesn’t like being opened.


That may seem a stupid question, matehita this was replaced about a year ago by an Official Apple Certified Repair-Dude. It is difficult to eject discs and multiple keystroke attempts and restarts are required to release disc.

Matsushita UJ RPC-1 (Region-Free) Update Available | MacRumors Forums

If only Apple or any manufacturer would offer the honest level of practical detail and candor that your article provides. I am affected by this problem too. I used some SuperDrives often, and some only for System ,atshita, but they all fail after roughly 18 months. If the drive came from a 3rd party provider like powerbookmedic, they warranty drives they sell for 1 year.

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The one in dv latest MacBook Pro 13″ will do everything except burn dual-layer discs. Repetitive spin up attempts occur with associated quiet clicking noises. You are effectively installing new functionality into a hardware device like NASA transmitting new instructions to the Mars Global Surveyor. CNET’s best of Thanks for your great summary of that apple thread.

Over on the Apple Discussions list, some users are complaining that the update made things worse. SDrv has had only infrequent use over its life PB bought in australia in late july The SuperDrive has always had problems reading DVD’s but only recently faulted on burning function. Some users who found their optical drive? We havent bothered to try to fix it, because we have the other 2 computers.


Macbook MATSHITA DVD-R UJE No Burn | Mac Support

Restart the computer, quit all running applications, make sure the computer is powered from the mains, and install the updater. When he moved the same external drive to a Windows machine, it worked fine. The screen is completely dark and does not react although I removed the batery and power cord. When these problems start happening for matahita varies as well.

SuperDrive Firmware Update 2.1 (#2): Successes, failures, repeating dialog

Successes, failures, repeating dialog Apply the SuperDrive update carefully. You may not even be aware that the update is underway. I bought my Macbook because I was impressed with its workmanship and dependability. Now, every time I restart my computer in an attempt to fix a problem caused by this update, presumablyI always get the mtshita.