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Log in Don’t have an account? Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Bring on DirectX 10! This is definitely an Editor’s Choice winner. Nvidia GeForce Ultra.

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The single GTS will perform better than many dual graphics card solutions and is fully DirectX 10 compliant. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve.

e-GeForce 8800GTS 320MB ACS3

NVIDIA says that it is designed to deliver great gaming experiences at what the company refers to as mainstream resolutions with great image quality and an even more affordable price tag. That my friend is a phenomenal price for the performance you are getting.

Written by Tim Smalley. It is finally time for us to take a look at what the market has to offer in terms of the currently most affordable 8 Series hardware.

That is the long and short of what we have covered today. Our efga of retail GTS MB hardware will look at a few different factory overclocked models alongside one stock speed card to get an idea of what kind of value these options offer.

It’s a quick card AMD readies RV graphics chip. Throw in its sheer horsepower, and Nvidia gives the high-end enthusiast every reason to make this purchase.

I don’t know any better way to give a recommendation for this card than that. In other words, we want to see 320,b we can expect more or less performance per dollar when looking at any given card. This is definitely an Editor’s Choice winner.


EVGA GeForce GTS MB Overclocked |

The major metric for judging the value of these cards will be in understanding how much performance gain an overclocked card offers relative to its price premium. Today, Nvidia extends its lead on the giant graphics mountain with the announcement of GeForce Ultra.

Log in Don’t have an account? Games not only look superior, but they can be played at amazing resolutions with all the bells and whistles enabled without losing an ounce of performance.

GeForce 8 Series Compare and Buy. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Just a couple of short weeks ago, Nvidia launched the GeForce GT and many hailed it as one 8800ghs the best mid-range graphics cards ever released. Does the drastic price drop make the Connect3D X XT MB one to consider while we’re all waiting for DirectX 10 games and mid-range next-generation hardware to turn up?

So without further ado, let’s have a look at how this stacks up against the competition. We find out how the company’s new part performs across eight games and three resolutions.

EVGA – Product Specs – e-GeForce GTS MB ACS3

Nvidia GeForce Ultra. It certainly is true that some people will want the fastest card they can afford and won’t care if they’re paying a premium, but price is more important for this class of card than for the ultra high end hardware; anyone looking for the fastest cards 3200mb without regards to price is already going to be looking at GTX cards.


Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. We put them to the test while also comparing both single and SLI configurations to a selection of contenders for your hard-earned cash.

When you are a gamer and you have some money in the bank, the GeForce GTX is the best Christmas present you can give yourself this year! Bring on DirectX 10! Information and pictures start to flood in.

e-GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB

As we saw in our initial reviewthe GTS MB provides excellent performance in all but 320mv most memory intensive situations for people with the most popular panel sizes. The only card that really outperforms it is its big brother the GTX. The hardcore gamer will likely have a blazingly fast processor and a inch or inch widescreen monitor, which allows them to take advantage of all the GeForce GTX has to offer.