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You can use the onboard sounds to test this. But I hadn’t thought about “leaving room to access controls on the keyboard below”, which now does make quite sense too. I mention the Casio, in particular, as lately there have been several people liking the action lately contrary to the previous prevailing opinion. Tell us about your experience with our site. No real way to evaluate other brands or higher-end stuff, without driving hours each way.

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Another board to look at could be the Casio XW-P1. One keyboard I’ve lately come across, is the Korg SP The P, with good headphones, I thought I might be able to come to live with. If that’s the case, then maybe for my purposes, a cheap midi controller like the M-Audio Oxygen 61 would do the trick, I might even be able assign drawbar position for the knobs.

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I need a driver for my casio cdp and my computer doesn’t – Microsoft Community

I’m not trying to do over the top jazz solo’s or the like, or gospel playing. I bought it specifically because of its nine sliders and plethora of latching buttons.

Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Third Party Software can be solved. Or by becoming a Subscribing member! Casio has replaced this with the CDP which is similar with 10 action Are you sure the CDP has better or even different action? I’m highly tech-savvy, interested to dabble in things like MIDI and Ivory 2, but know very little about these at this point. The local control setting lets you do just that.


I need a driver for my casio cdp 120 and my computer doesn’t recognize it.

Add to your Watched Users. Though action is subjective, so you may find a cheaper piano that works for the purpose. Thanks again and all for now– –dc. Did miri solve your problem? There are plenty fdp MIDI devices you can attach to a keyboard which do not involve a computer Employed by Kawai Japanhowever the opinions I express are my own. Midu your goal is “to simulate as close as possible to a Hammond B3 organ,” forget this one, it is a completely wrong choice.

So, you just use one keyboard, split in the middle or wherever you wantto play both manuals on the software clone. We like 88 keys for piano, and for master controllers for live work where we’ll often be splitting the keyboard into zones with different sounds in different zones. Or at least much closer to that than to the weighted keys of a piano. Also, if you plan to do casjo synth playing later, you might want to check to see if the keys have aftertouch. I’ve never had the chance to play on a real Hammond, so I had no idea, is the B3 a non-weighted keyboard ala synth action?


You may have to change some preference or setting in it.

I checked through “Device Manager” and “Control Cep, but there is no unknown device or anything of the sort. Leaving the computer out of the setup is particularly of interest to gigging players. New guy here, so apologies if I sound uninformed.

CDP – Electronic Musical Instruments – Manuals – CASIO

I wanted to try out synthesia, got a usb cable from a friend, and plugged it in. My main goal is to try and get Hammond-esque sounds via Virtual Instruments or the like.

Though I supposed you could use a knob for the function of the 9th slider. Regarding leaving room to access controls on the keyboard below: Double Click on Device Manager.

Meanwhile, I also recommend you to check that installed driver for MIDI in device manager is up to date. Connection requires commercially available connecting cords, supplied by you.

And many of their models have 3 sensor actions, which make them feel a bit more responsive.