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Furthermore, the input impedance can be switched from Line 10 kOhm to Instrument kOhm. I agree with Rob here. Babyface Out of production! Why recording from 3 cards? Have you made a search in the relevant RME web forum? Up to three devices can be connected to one FireWire interface and operated in parallel. Advanced Remote Out of production!

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Please post more details ,there must be a better way to setup all that. If someone asio fireface another way of doing it, let me know.

FireWire & USB

The Asio fireface excells as portable all-in-one solution when it comes to power supply. To avoid potential problems, both the unit’s internal power supply and the protective circuits at the FireWire port were specially designed and asio fireface tested.

Fireface TCO Out of production! I’d reinstall the driver and make sure firmware is updated too as login asio fireface. Also, a Fireface will fetch more second-hand than the Mic 8, as the latter hasn’t become very well-known, whereas the Asio fireface has. What was helpful, though, was your suggestion about the ADAT outputs. The time you will spend screwing with this stuff could just be spent making some money to pay for equipment that will solve your problem and leave your studio hassle free.


These can also be used as asio fireface Line inputs. There is nothing there indicating there is a problem with Live and Windows 10 that I can find.

Had I known beforehand of the problem of running multiple soundcards at the same time in Cubase I would have bought all my cards from the same manufacturer.

If you have further problems reaching the site you can check if the asio fireface problem is in your end. I’m not sure why you would think this is strange. Display posts from previous: Plug the out of the pre into the in on the fireface. Have you made a search in the relevant RME web forum? BOB Out of production! Another weird and asio fireface related matter: You are using driver 1.

This is in fact what a more helpful thread on the Cubase forum from six months ago reckons which Martin Walker located and asio fireface me to this afternoon. Subscribe to our Newsletter. The Totalmix will work as a stand-alone bit of software, and doesn’t depend on running the Fireface’s own driver in a DAW like Cubase.

Has anyone got any ideas about what is going wrong? For those we have lost.

No changed offset after reboot. The device can thus be configured and used as a stand-alone device, without being connected to asio fireface computer, e. Lots of advanced and unique features.


RME Fireface not working with ASIO4All – Gearslutz

Think rationally instead of freaking out. New Reply Thread Tools. They even have a driver for download for the new Asio fireface Mac’s but there aren’t any Intel Mac’s for sale yet! Thanks for the suggestion but not for the dig asio fireface my “cheap” convertersbut frankly that sounds like even more hassle.

Ableton Forum • View topic – RME USB driver = problem ?

There’s no signal that these inputs can’t deal with perfectly! Originally Posted by Scramble. I think using ASIO4all is a mistake, but feel free to do as you see fit.

The Mic 8 actually sounds pretty good compared to the RME, and it works in Asio fireface, and it’s easier to use at gigs as a stand-alone asio fireface unit as it has very handy ‘Direct Analog Out’ switches — which also make it great for monitoring purposes in the studio.